A little feedback request


I’m off the bike this week, due to being brutally wounded (tattooed) at the weekend. I’m almost healed and ready to get back on the road, but in the meantime I’m letting myself recover and reflect.

I’m really conscious that when I first started this blog, it was about learning how to fix bikes, and my time volunteering with The Bristol Bike Project.

While I do still volunteer with the BBP, and I am still learning how to fix bikes, the actual cycling aspect seems to have taken over my posts as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Cycling as a sport or hobby is probably the first thing I’ve tried out, not been very good at, but stuck at and continued to progress. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far, and know that I can go further if I keep at it.

Anyway, I know that what I initially promised with this blog has organically evolved into something else. I’d like to know what you think – are you happy with the way it’s evolved, or do you wish I’d stuck to my original purpose? Do you like how it is now or do you want to see something different?

I really appreciate every single person who reads my blog, whether you comment or not, and I want to make sure that you’re getting what you want from it. Please could you take 30 seconds to give me some feedback? I was going to insert a poll but apparently the internet doesn’t want me to, so please leave answers in the comments:

What are your thoughts on my content?

  1. I’d like more about bike maintenance
  2. I’d like more about cycling
  3. It’s fine as it is
  4. I’d like something different (please leave more details in your comment)

Thank you so much 🙂


20 Replies to “A little feedback request”

    1. Thanks Simon – I’m just trying to gauge if people feel it’s lacking in anything. I stopped talking about bike maintenance to talk more about my cycling trips and the progress I’ve made, but I don’t want to alienate people who may have only subscribed because they’re interested in the maintenance side of things 🙂


  1. I pick 1) 2) and 3) altogether 🙂 The internet needs more cycling and sport blogs written by normal women with real fears and concerns – that they share openly with readers as this is inspiring and encouraging for others. You’re doing a great job. Congratulations on your reborn love of descending. So often I think to myself I’ll start a blog full of my cycling exploits but then I think, no what’s the point, what I do is nothing out of the ordinary, I will feel embarrassed if proposer hardcore cyclists read it and think “that’s nothing impressive, what’s she bleating on about it for”, but actually, I have found so much encouragement from reading other women’s blogs no matter what the level of their adventures. It’s just great they’re out there doing something! So you have inspired me to one of these days commit to chronicling my own stuff. So keep it up, all that you’re doing plus more of the same! TBH an equal ratio of BBP/maintenance stuff and adventure stuff would be just about perfect but other than that go with your gut and write what you want! 🙂


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    1. Thank you for such an awesome comment, and I’m so overwhelmed by what you said about being inspired to document your own achievements. The way I see it, in terms of numbers, there are a lot more people out there who have these fears and are inexperienced, and who are looking for relatable people to share their experiences, than there are pros who will look down on our journeys. I would love to read about your experiences when you start your blog – please please please tell me when you do!


  2. Without meaning to sound like a patronising know-it-all (now there’s a worrying opening line…), I would say focus on refining your voice and make that the distinctive bit.

    Write about cycling in all its forms, but do it to reflect your experience, which will no doubt develop over time. If you write well, people will read.

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  3. Oh yeah, you took time off cycling for a tattoo?

    I did an Olympic distance triathlon four days after my last tattoo. Unless it’s in a… ummm… bad place, ride on!


  4. I know I should be a lot more into bike maintenance, so that side is great, but where you go is also great to read, even side trips into you as a person. None of us are one thing, so my vote is all goes, and wandering off topic occasionally is also good. Good to meet you again at Reggie talk last week!

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  5. It’s brilliant, I love it!
    Cycling is my first ever hobby/sport and I too am not very good at it either!
    I love reading your blog and can realate to your emotions and feelings expressed..
    Keep doing what you’re doing!
    ..and thankyou! 🙂

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