Bristol Deliveroo Riders Take a Stand

I remember when I first heard of Deliveroo, and thought it would be a great way for cyclists to earn a living doing the thing they love. After all, how often does an opportunity like that come around?

Back then, I wasn’t at all involved in Bristol’s bike community, I didn’t know anyone who worked for Deliveroo, and while I was a cyclist commuter, I didn’t feel that opportunity was for me, so I stuck with my safe office job.

Over the last 6 months or so, I’ve become more involved in Bristol’s cycling community, I’ve met Deliveroo riders on the monthly Critical Mass rides, and I became aware that many of them had started rallying against their employer.

It turns out Deliveroo, despite being a huge company with a great concept, hadn’t quite ironed out their model and processes before rolling it out nationwide. They use their couriers’ self-employed status to get away with paying them less than minimum wage. They’ve also massively neglected health and safety protocols, sending their riders out with five or six trial riders (unpaid) to assess their abilities. Needless to say, that’s impossible on the road.

Not to mention the fact that pay is dependent on the number of drops they make, meaning the faster they cycle, the more they can potentially earn, and therefore the more likely they are to ride dangerously and get into an accident. No one’s pizza is worth your life or limbs.

So it’s great to see that Bristol’s Roo Riders have now taken a stand, raised awareness of their poor working conditions and worked with the IWW to make much needed improvements.

Well done, guys. Let’s spread the word, so that riders in other cities can do the same.



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