Dred & Joey’s Reunion Ride, or, ‘the kick up the backside I needed’


The thing is, when I look back at my old posts on this blog, I realise that while I'm a much more confident cyclist than I ever was back then, I've lost a lot of the fitness and strength that I'd been building. I've been riding so much less than I was before, thanks to this attitude I'd adopted of being a writer who sometimes cycles, rather than a cyclist who writes about her experience.

That's been the biggest hurdle for me, and I'm really feeling like a shell of the person I used to be on a bike. But it's given me the incentive I needed! I'm now considering an Elite Turbo Muin II trainer, and a subscription to Sufferfest.

Bristol now has a Trek Women’s Cycling Advocate

Trek has officially come to Bristol (replacing what used to be Bike UK just off the Clifton Triangle), and with it comes an exciting enthusiasm to promote women’s cycling in the local area. The global bike retailer has its own Women’s Cycling Advocacy programme, where each of its directly-owned stores nominates a brand ambassador to … Continue reading Bristol now has a Trek Women’s Cycling Advocate

Trek Checkpoint SL 6 2021 review | first impressions

I've been keeping this quiet for a little while now but I can finally share my incredible new bike. I've got my grubby mitts on the 2021 model of the Trek Checkpoint SL 6, and hot damn, it is GORGEOUS. The Checkpoint is Trek's answer to the 'one bike to rule them all' scenario. It's … Continue reading Trek Checkpoint SL 6 2021 review | first impressions

Do you really need a gravel bike?

Is it really necessary to have a gravel bike when you could seemingly cover most terrains on a road bike with 28mm tyres, or on a hardtail?

Well, I now have my hands on one, and decided it was time for a (small and local) adventure to break up the monotony of my Covid lockdown.

A much-needed revival

In my absence from here I’ve been on quite a journey, and now it’s come full-circle once again with me attempting to revive my once beloved blog. Last night I came to a long-overdue realisation. Let me start at the beginning. I stopped writing this blog mainly when I started my job at BikeRadar. This … Continue reading A much-needed revival

Reflections on failure

Despite the negative connotations of this title, I'm trying to see the positives. I decided this year to dive head first into the weird and wonderful world of audaxes. An audax is a non-competitive, but timed, long-distance bike ride. It features several control points which are only open for limited time windows throughout the day, … Continue reading Reflections on failure

Trans-Cambrian, days 3-5, or, “it’s all downhill to Machynlleth”

I'm sorry it's taken me so long. I'll give you all my excuses another time. In the meantime if you've not yet read about the first two days of our Trans-Cambrian adventure, you should do so first.Day 3: Claerddu bothy - Cwmystwyth valley (30 miles)I left you a long time ago in a bothy in … Continue reading Trans-Cambrian, days 3-5, or, “it’s all downhill to Machynlleth”